Foot Trooper - protects feet FROM FUNGUS AND SWEAT ODOR!

this recipe has been tested by over 2 million soldiers.

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  • Keeps feet fresh for up to 24 hours

  • Removes itching and relieves inflammation

  • Extends shoe life

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Asian jungle recipe STOPPED FUNGUS IN THE ARMY.

Evan Durham, creator of Foot Trooper

- I learned about this recipe during a peacekeeping mission to Asia. I worked as a military paramedic, and it was even harder for us than for soldiers. Because of the hot and humid climate, soldiers' feet literally rotted, were covered with ulcers and fungus. We worked around the clock, unable to cope with the disease.

Then the locals shared a decoction based on honey, silkworm cocoons, citrus oil and mint leaves. We made a solution in which the soldiers soaked their footcloths. So they quickly got back on track.

Many years have passed. I retired and opened a small private laboratory. One day, sorting through the papers, I found a note with this recipe. I analyzed it and found out that it not only dries out the skin and heals ulcers. It DESTROYS THE PROTEIN STRUCTURE OF THE FUNGUS, as well as STERILIZES SKIN AND NAILS FROM ITS SPORES.

I finalized the composition, adding clotrimazole, a powerful antifungal component, and patented this remedy.

This is how the spray came into being. Foot Trooper - EXPRESS REMEDY FOR SMELLY FEET AND FOOT FUNGUS.

Are you ready to get rid of fungus once and for all?

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Maybe you're not a soldier.
But you're at risk too.

According to statistics, every 4th man and every 7th woman in the world suffer from foot fungus.

Risk factor #1: sweaty feet

Sweat is an ideal breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. These are the ones that cause stinky feet. And along with them are complexes (fear of taking off shoes at a party, gym, shoe store, etc.).


Look at your feet! If you notice at least one of these symptoms, you need Foot Trooper!

  • Smelly feet

  • Skin itching

  • Calluses

  • Cracks on the heels and between the toes

  • Changes in color and shape of nails

WARNING! Fungus is contagious!
If you don't fight it, you can pass it on to your family.

Foot Trooper: works in two directions.

Fungus protection

Components of Foot Trooper eliminate mycelium and spores of 98% of fungal species in nail scales and microcracks on the feet. They penetrate deeply under the skin and the nail plate, block the further spread of pathogenic organisms and protect against re-infection.

Bad odor protection

Foot Trooper acts as an antiperspirant. It narrows the ducts of the sweat glands, blocks perspiration, neutralizes odor and gives the feet freshness and comfort.

BONUS: With Foot Trooper, you will be less likely to throw away your shoes!

Composition of FОOT TROOPER is no longer a military secret!


The strongest natural antifungal and antiseptic agent. Destroys the fungus, its spores and mycelium, prevents it from multiplying further. Fights bacteria.


Amino acid extracted from silk. Conditions the skin by moisturizing it and preventing excessive sweating.


Cools and sterilizes skin and nails. Narrows blood vessels, reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings, reduces pain and itching. Refreshes the skin and gives a long-lasting feeling of comfort.


Takes care of the skin of the feet: moisturizes, softens, protects from cracks, heals abrasions and calluses.

Foot Trooper - a crushing victory over your complexes!



It is such a happiness when your feet no longer stink!



With Foot Trooper, the fungus has not returned for 3 months



I used to always sleep in socks - I was afraid to infect my wife with fungus. No problems now. Thanks to Foot Trooper!



I always take this spray with me when I travel. It never failed. My feet don't stink even after a 20-kilometer route in the summer.

Foot Trooper is comfy

  • Spray on your feet

  • Wait 1 minute for spray to dry

  • Put on clean socks

  • Use Foot Trooper every day

Minimum course of treatment - 14 days. Recommended course of treatment - 30 days. Foot Trooper is suitable for use while camping, in the gym and at home